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@DjJesterNYC’s tracklist:
Pharrell-Happy(2nd Half Extended..Remix) - Illmind @illmind
So So Lovely (Mogi Grumbles So So Grumbly Remix)- Shigeto @Shigeto
Blossoms (NIck Wisdom Remix) - Potatohead People
Wilkinson - Dirty Love ft Talay Riley (Remix) - BMB Spacekid
Kosmo Shinobi - High Klassified
Digital Haricut (Dub) - Lord Echo
Sade - Sweetest Taboo - Warren Xcince Re-work
Small Talk - Nate Smith
Bells - Mr. Carmack @forwardthinkers
Blast - Modeselektor
Anywhere - Reva Devito
Me de Amor - Sango @Sangobeats
Creepin - Swarvy @Swarvy
The Roll Out - B. Bravo & Teeko
I miss you - StewRat
You So Bad - buuckley
brainhummer - ILLingsworth @illingsworth

Mid-interview: Trail of Tear - Cavalier @Cavwins

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SUBMISSION: CLAREMONT | Alice Boman - What (Claremont Remix)


Hey! I’m a 21 year old producer based in Manchester in the UK, the piece I’m sending to you is a remix of a Swedish singer called Alice Boman. She’s got the most beautiful voice, and I’m inspired massively by people like Go Yama who make super chilled out beats with organic sounding percussion, so this is one of them. I’m really proud of it, and I hope you like it! Thanks for listening in advance, if you do!


- James


SUBMISSION: Henneysee - Catching the ghost

VIA Henneysee:

"still a student and always will be- but i’m submitting this beat because it’s driven by lo-fi drums and samples (and my hopes to make something that smacks…) just trying to improve, and trying to be heard. thank you for your time… much love!"


Music Submission - FIGNEWTON | The Gemini Project


The Gemini Project is a Music Production Group out of South Florida which consists of two members, Desmond “Dez The Navigator”Patten and Julian ” Julez On The Beat ” Clayton . 

This joint off their album “Back To Business 2” is available for free download HERE.

BEAT Haus RADIO 5 ft P.U.D.G.E. Special Guest: @pudgebeats

Music by: @djjesternyc

Hosted by: @freshdaily

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