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@lakimisalive’s new record “This Is Her” looks amazing, wow! Shouts to @andrepower on the design.

Get yours via 🌴store.soulection.com🌴

Peace BeatHaus. 

My name is ChristinΞ. I’m an experimental producer based out of Miami, FL and Brooklyn, NY. Currently in ATL, GA. 

I will be traveling in between Brooklyn, Atlanta and California this summer in hopes of catching gigs in between. I currently opened up for California based SOULECTION this Winter Music Conference in Miami. 

Below are a few links to my Winter Music Conference set and my latest piece of instrumental productions. I’m currently working on music to perform. My first release was very experimental, I’m heading towards a more ambient vibe now. 

Current - HER: https://soundcloud.com/christineposso/her

Current - WMC 2014: SOULECTION SHOWCASE: ROKBAR Miami Beach, FL | ChristinΞ: https://soundcloud.com/christineposso/wmc-2014-soulection-showcase

Betty “Moe” Trezza: https://soundcloud.com/christineposso/sets/betty-moe-trezza (First project I ever dropped but taking a different direction now with the amount of gigs I’ve been catching) 

I caught your show last summer while I was living in BK. Stuff was tight! Hope to hear from you all soon. 

Contact info:

twitter: @christineposso

facebook: facebook.com/christineposso

soundcloud: soundcloud.com/christineposso

Have a lovely weekend. Peace! 


Hey, we remember you from the BBQ last summer! Look at you! Killin’ shit!
We’ve got your contact, Christine. Listening to this showcase link you sent tonight! We’ve been toying w/ the idea of a Ladies First Beat Haus too!

yo! BeatHaus inquiry

i’m a big fan of yalls taste and energy, & i’d love to see about maybe playing a set at a BeatHaus gig sometime soon.  i’m from RVA but live in BK and go by High Chief.  we have a few mutual friends (Malik, Ohbliv) but i just wanted to give a shout and try to connect some more dots.  i think i’ll be at the show on Friday and am amped!  so, i have some SP beats and also some songs where i play drums & samplers at the same time, but here’s a short 10 min beat demo…anyways. thanks. - Grant



Very boom-bap vibes here. Excellent workflow mix.
Wish the link was available to make into a widget.

The demo is like a private set in our office!

Thank you! Stay in touch!

Beat Haus Portrait Series. Pt. 2 by Jonathan Pilkington

Spotlight feature on goyamamusic

I am honestly just psyched to make music. It gets frustrating sometimes when you work really hard and see pop musicians just rolling in fame and cash, but I think I’m pretty lucky to make the music I want and be able to meet the dudes I look up to.

- Go Yama

We first saw Go-Yama live when our sister event, Coalition of The Illin’ booked him for a show. Immediately blown away by the live integration of keyboard AND guitar as well as drum programming & on-the-spot like remixes, we had to book him for our Beat Haus 1 year Anniversary show. Make sure you support his music via his bandcamp page & follow him on twitter & facebook.

Listen to “Ramen Bottom” by Go Yama


Still stunned this is happening on Saturday w the fam. #POWWAW w @elaquent @proflogik @mikegao @moruf88 @goyama @chief_feelinmusic @sofieroyer @rxnbeats @generaldirt

artwork is ill.

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Iman Omari - Addicted [Flip]


tonight: added to the line-up: IMAN OMARI


Count Bass D
Supporting Blueprint
U.S. - Only 3 Weeks Away!

Portrait Series by Jonathan Pilkington for Beat Haus.

Spotlight on producer itsmeelan | twitter: @itsmeeLan

LA native, Brooklyn resident. Samples and synths. Digital and analog. Hip hop, funk, soul, electronic.
You can listen to eLan’s sounds on his SoundCloud.